Today’s Bible reading in 2 Chronicles 33 tells us how King Manasseh repented and turned back to God after reigning as one of the evilest kings in Jerusalem.  He practiced witchcraft, sorcery and even offered his own sons as an offering to pagan gods.  The Lord had the king of Assyria come against Israel and captured Manasseh and took him off in and chains and even put a ring through his nose!  While he was in captivity, he humbled himself to the Lord and prayed to Him.  God restored him to fellowship and brought him back to Jerusalem.  After this Manasseh sought to remove the idols from Israel and restore the people back to God.

In spite of such heinous sins, God sought after Manasseh and sought fellowship with him.  God is faithful.  He loves and desires to have fellowship with His children.  When we have sinned against God we need to confess it and seek fellowship with Him and avoid God getting our attention the hard way!

by Rebecca Nicholas, Women's Ministry Team

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