The high school Teacher’s Lounge…that mysterious room with the “No Students - Teachers
Only” sign on it. The room that we as students would try to get a glimpse of whenever the
door was opened slightly for teachers, the chosen few, to enter! What’s back there? What do
you suppose they are doing? Is that a refrigerator and stove? That looks like a pretty comfy
couch! Why don’t we have a Student Lounge?!?

Well, as someone who now knows about, and has experienced, the exclusive Teacher’s
Lounge, let me just say that the myths/rumors are true! Some teacher’s lounges are really
awesome! They are lovely, comfortable, and a down-right pleasing place to escape to! Besides
being a great place to relax, hang out with fellow teachers, eat your lunch, and sometimes get
to partake in yummy monthly birthday cakes provided by the Principal, or other culinary
delights provided by community members wanting to encourage and bless hard-working and
dedicated teachers, it could also be, at times, a place that a wise Christ-follower should avoid!

Now one might think that having a place to occasionally vent one’s frustrations about lazy
students, obnoxious parents, and ridiculous administrative requests would be a great thing!
But isn’t it true that being around certain behaviors and talk can affect how you feel and/or
behave? Our reading today in Proverbs 22:24-25 encourages us not to be around angry and
hot tempered people because it can be a snare for us!

Can you think of places and/or people that you need to, at times, avoid?
Let us choose to be a light and encouragement wherever we go, and to be aware of times,
when necessary, to eat our lunch, and the occasional birthday cake, alone!

by Lana Krohn, Women's Ministry Team Chair

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