One of the things I love most about God is that He is beyond our full comprehension. We can know Him, but we cannot fully grasp Him. We can understand some of His attributes, but we cannot wrap Him up in human concepts and say we get it. He is just too much for us to place any limits on. Not so for man-made things. I have seen many human creations that are impressive: the plane that flies, the skyscraper that stands tall, the aircraft carrier that is its own small city, and the computer that handles massive amounts of information in the blink of an eye. Yet even though I cannot fully explain how these things are built, or function, I know there is an explanation and someone, somewhere had to have figured it out. Thus, even though I may be impressed, I have never once been brought to my knees in the presence of something made with human hands. God, on the other hand, is beyond full comprehension, and no one who has ever encountered Him in His full glory has been able to do anything but fall on their face in response. What a Wonderful God we have!

            In Ezekiel, we get one of many accounts in which a servant of the almighty is brought into His presence and attempts to relay the details. Chapter 1 is all about the appearance of the throne of God, and the Lord Himself. The language used by Ezekiel is beautiful and vivid, yet in everything he writes, there is the caveat that this is only “like” it: “the appearance was like the appearance of blazing coals of fire or like torches.” (vv:13) Using human language, it is impossible to fully describe God, or even His throne, or even those creatures surrounding it, or even the wheels. Ezekiel gave it a valiant effort, but he had to acknowledge the limitations of his own words. What an Awesome God we have!

            Even more amazing still is this; that impossibly Holy, unendingly majestic, and perfectly pure God brought Ezekiel into His presence, filled him with the Holy Spirit, and charged him with a message to Israel. Our God is so loving and merciful that He reaches out to us with His word so that we can repent and be forgiven. Cleansed by His powerful work, we can bask in His goodness, swim in his mercy, and walk boldly with Him through a world of darkness and despair. What a Generous God we have!

            Spend some time today soaking in His word, resting in His love, and worshipping His greatness. No other person or thing comes close.

by Ben Urban, Pastor of Student Ministries

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