Are prophecies practical? The prophet Zechariah and the Apostle John witnessed many
heavenly events that “symbolize” earthly life. But angels explain these heavenly events to
Zechariah and John as the heavenly reality to what is directed on earth. So heavenly events are
not symbols but reality. Earthly events are then the mirror (or results) of heaven’s prophecies.
Either way, are they practical to us?

In Zechariah 5: 6-11 the prophet is shown a basket and a woman imprisoned in the basket. She
is wickedness and the basket is the iniquity of the people throughout the land. She influences
the whole world with her lusts. She is pushed back in the basket and a heavy lid is placed on
top and two women angels fly her to Babylon for a time in a house built for iniquity. In
Revelation 14:8 the woman is named Babylon the great, “she has made all the nations drink of
the wine of the passions of her immorality.” The angel then declares she is fallen! What is
practical about the woman in the basket? Great evil in the form of lusts and immoral passions
will influence the world but will be destroyed. The evil influence is removed but what about
the people?

What happens to the people? Reaping. Read the heavenly events in Revelation 14. One
hundred and forty-four thousand witnesses will testify to the world. They are pure and not
influenced by the woman Babylon the great. Next an angel will proclaim a powerful call to the
world, “Fear God and give Him glory, because the hour of His judgement has come. Worship
Him who made the heaven and the earth…”

The prophesy becomes practical – repent now. A first angel, sitting on a cloud and wearing a
golden crown uses his sharp sickle and reaps the earth. The Scripture does not say what he was
reaping. Maybe the righteous? A second angel reaps because the world is ripe for judgement.
This reaping is to collect those people destined for God’s wrath.

The practical is that the ultimate judgement will come true. Evil is prevalent but is destroyed.
People will experience one last witness from the 144,000. A testimony from one last “altar
calling” angel will happen. Then the reaping. Those who refuse to repent are reaped to their

What is practical now? Make the choice to follow Jesus Christ while you can. He is the Lamb
worthy to open the scroll. He is the victorious king on a white horse at Armageddon. He loves
you and will prepare a place for you with Him if you accept His gift of salvation. The final
judgement is coming, and an angel is waiting to reap.

by Steve Sagué, Elder

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