I will be quoting from “The Revelation Record “ written by Henry M. Morris.
“There is good reason to take these references literally even though the large majority of previous commentaries on Revelation take the the position that this great city , Babylon is not a real city at all.  It must be stressed that Revelation mean “unveiling” not “veiling.

   Mr. Morris has written some 25 pages on Chapter 18, I’m just going to give you his summary. I will be quoting directly from his book.

   Mighty Babylon is not really dead.  It appeared to John as the beast “that was , and is not, and yet is” (Revelation 17:8).  Sudddenly it will arise, as it were from the grave, and become a “great city” once again,

   The fall of great Babylon is to be even more sudden than its rise. In common with all the rest of the world, the citizens of New Babylon soon will begin to experience the plagues of the bowls of wrath (Revelation 16), the sores, the bloody waters, the intense heat, and the battering hail.  John had already witnessed the dreadful scenes on earth before one of the angels of the plagues had taken him back in time to learn the meaning of the age-long Babylonian conspiracy.  He had finally observed the fall of the religious comment of Babylon, at a time approximately the midpoint of the tribulation, just prior to the initiation of the 7 last plagues.
   Now, however, John is returned to the scene from which the angel had taken him.  The 7 plagues have been completed, climaxed by the gigantic earth quake that destroyed all the other cities of earth and leveled all the mountains and islands of the earth.  And now comes Babylon remembrance.”

by Greg Mortimer, Deacon

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