In II Samuel 24 God was very gracious to David. God could have punished him much more severely. God hates sin and shows His wrath. But He showed His mercy by withdrawing His hand of punishment.  Then David repented and sacrificed at the altar that he built and the Lord answered his prayers and the plague stopped.

In Acts 3 a crippled beggar saw Peter and John and he asked them for money.  Peter said, “Look at us.” So, the man gave them his attention expecting to get something from them.  I think that when we look at God and give Him our attention-our will, adoration, and obedience-then we can wait in expectation that He will come through for us. The beggar did not get money, but something better.  He was healed! We may not get what we ask for, but God has something better for us.  It may not always look better but He knows best.

When Peter spoke to the crowd, he told them of God’s holiness.  He told them God was the Righteous One, the Author of Life and that there is complete healing in Him.  He said that refreshing comes from the Lord and that He restores everything.  He blesses people.  Do we receive from God His righteousness, life, complete healing, refreshment, restoration, and blessing?  This is the God we serve, and He wants to give these things to us.

Psalm 123 says that God is enthroned in Heaven.  He is King!  He is King overall, even our circumstances.  So, we look to Him till He shows us mercy.  He has shown us favor in so many ways, His death resurrection, power and forgiveness over sin, victory, and love to name a few.  Do we look to Him and trust Him with everything?  Are we grateful and give Him praise?

Melissa Shoemaker, Women's Ministry Team

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