In a few days, we will celebrate Juneteenth, a Federal Holiday.

This is really a Texas holiday since Texas received the news late proclaiming the freedom of slaves, June 19,1865 which President Abraham Lincoln signed January 1, 1863, two and a half years earlier. However, Texas is big enough to share this event with the nation.

This freedom reminds me of the new freedom the Ethiopian Eunuch received in Acts 8 when the Holy Spirit led Phillip the deacon to his chariot. The Eunuch was probably reading out loud when Phillip approached him. The Eunuch does not seem startled or surprised by Phillip but just invites him up into his chariot. The Eunuch was probably not alarmed since Luke states that Phillip was led by the Holy Spirit. The Eunuch was hungry and searching for what was probably lacking from His Jerusalem trip regarding the God of the universe, not found in gods of his country. Phillip had been taught well and knew that the same Holy Spirit that was leading the Apostles and led Jesus Christ was leading him. The same Holy Spirit that led Christ into the wilderness to be tempted by sin and defeat it victoriously, to proclaim the Kingdom to ALL, but not heal all was the same Holy Spirit leading Phillip. The Eunuch found a new freedom in Christ, granting him forgiveness of sin and eternal life. This same Holy Spirit leads today as believers submit to His promptings to us. He leads us to be diligent and work like the ant and not be sluggards, while at the same time dispensing God’s Word to others as Phillip did, which he seems to have done at home too since his daughters were prophetesses. Sometimes even when led by God’s Spirit, we don’t see the fruit of our labor but continue to labor anyway. Psalm 130 tells us ‘To wait for the LORD.’ God tells us not to become weary in well doing. We must not only be led by the Holy Spirit, but also leave the results to God, the Holy Spirit.

Wanda Williams, Women's Ministry Team

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