1Kings 20 - 21
We must guard against making decisions and doing things that are not of/from God. When God has blessed us in obvious ways, we can tend to think we are in control and act without consulting Him (through prayer and His word).

We have to intentionally seek His counsel in everything we do; great knowledge of scripture and past experiences that we should have learned from will not make this *automatic*.
Doing otherwise will lead to sin and possibly destruction. You cannot expect a fool (anyone who rejects God), no matter how intelligent or wealthy, to act with Godly wisdom without regard for Him (Proverbs 17:16).

Acts 12:24 - 13:15
We must be prepared to do the work we have been called by God to do and flexible with wherever this may take us, realizing that we can do nothing worthwhile apart from Him.

Psalm 137
We can be completely honest and lay our hearts bare before God, in bad and good times. For those that study His word, God's promises offer encouragement and guidance through any circumstance.

by Catherine McKinney, Women's Ministry Team

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