I was a nine-year-old boy traveling with my dad to Long Island for the wedding of my cousin. It was my first time to go that far from my home in Tulsa and my first wedding to attend. We got there several days early and were immediately put to work to get the back yard ready for an outdoor wedding. Not knowing what the fuss was about, I had a great time running around the tables “helping” with the preparations. One afternoon I met a neighbor from across the street and while talking with him on the front steps, Mr. Nesbit, an author and family friend of my Aunt and Uncle, took the time to talk with me. He listened to me, heard my thoughts, and was able to refine and share them back with me. I knew from the first question he asked that he was the smartest and kindest man I met so far. He understood exactly what I wanted. Mr. Nesbit boiled down a nine-year old's thoughts, gave clarity to my understanding, and showed me what wisdom looked like. 50 yrs later, I still remember that conversation I had with a humble, wise man on concrete steps in New York.

Paul’s life of ministry and the Holy Spirit’s leading prompted him to condense the Gospel in 1 Corinthians 15:3-4 to a few core phrases: “Christ died for our sins; He was buried; He was raised the 3rd day; He appeared to [many who were alive at the time Paul spoke these words].”

God calls every believer to make disciples, baptize, teach everything, and to obey. New and old believers can be overwhelmed in the enormity of the task and freeze in the headlights of what to do first? My conversation with Mr. Nesbit 50-yrs ago and this passage (1 Corinthians 15:3-4) provide the needed direction. Listen, even if there is only one conversation with someone much younger (older, different) than you, and share the heart of the Gospel: Christ lived, Christ died, Christ was buried, and resurrected to new life, and many witnessed it. Now its your turn to be the witness to others.

by Robert Riggs, Elder

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