I love Ephesians 6! It is so very practical and applicable to our everyday lives. For example, the 5th of the 10 Commandments is quoted in verse 2-3. Even though the 10 Commandments were given to Moses, they are also given to us today to teach us what righteous behavior looks like and the many benefits of good choices. For example, children don’t naturally know that they should obey their parents, so God instructs them to obey their mom and dad. The natural inclination of children is to disobey their parents, and that often results in punishment. On the other hand, God promises that positive outcomes happen when children obey and honor their parents.

Therefore every child should memorize and put into practice the 5th Commandment to honor and obey mom and dad. God specifically promises a “long life” to those who keep this commandment. Surely many young people could have avoided drug and alcohol addiction, pregnancies, STD’s, car accidents, financial loss, and many other pitfalls if they had heeded their parents’ advice. Many young lives have been cut short by choosing not to obey their parents’ advice, given in love and concern. Of course the happiest moments in a believing parent’s life is knowing their son or daughter is following their ultimate advice to put their trust in Jesus.

by David Marshall, Elder

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