1,000 YEARS

1,000 years without Satan’s influence and sin still explodes on the scene!

Revelation 20 describes 1,000 years that begins with an angel using a giant chain to seize the Dragon, bind him, and lock him in an abyss for 1,000 years (Rev. 20:1-3). Not only will Satan be removed from the earth but believers who were martyred over the previous few years will be raised to life (Rev. 20:4-6).

What a celebration! What a joyous moment in time that will be celebrated for all believers on the earth. Satan gone; believers returned to their families; Jesus reigning with mercy and justice on earth, along with those very heroes who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

After all this time, under a flawless leader over the affairs of the earth but it is not forever. As soon as Satan is released from his prison cell (Rev. 20:7-9) he is able to deceive and gather an army from all over the world to oppose the Perfect Prince.

Where did this army come from? How did they exist under a perfect Ruler for 1,000 years? What amount of deception did Satan have to imply to gather them?

We underestimate the power of sin today. “It’s a little lie.” “Everyone does it.” “The ends justify the means.” “He had it coming to him” and “No one will know who did it anyway.“ These justifications keep us from confessing and repenting of our sins.

Today’s reading from Rev. 20 is a stark reminder from the future showing that the power of sin can lie below the surface for a very long time and remain a devastating foe that will attack in a minute's notice. It can’t be placated, or bargained or compromised with. Sin must be paid for on a cross by the Eternal One who died to set us free. Choose Christ and recognize the powerful enemy that the Lamb has already defeated on your behalf!

by Robert Riggs, Elder

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