Love your husband or your wife.  Song of Solomon 5-8
Love to give and show generosity.  II Corinthians 9

God, you are a God who loves for us to be generous.
And you wish to be generous back to us.
Help us to give extravagantly.
Cause us to remember that you supply all our needs,
So that we can help others.
Then we will sing of your grace.
Thanks for your indescribable gift of salvation!

Love to confess your sins to a
God who loves to restore you and wash and cleanse you.  Psalm 51

God, you are a God of love.
I am a sinner, but you desire to forgive.
You want my humility.
Then you can cleanse and restore me.
Give me a pure heart,
And a spirit that craves you.
You desire truth in my inner being,
And there you teach me wisdom.
So that I might sing of your righteousness
And give you praise!

by Melissa Shoemaker, Women's Ministry Team

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