God is very much into detail as evidenced in the passages about how the tabernacle was to be built and the details of how the sacrifices were to be done.  In our passage today in Num. 33, God has Moses write down the journey from Egypt to the Jordan River.  He wanted the Israelites to remember where they came from and how they got to their “Promised Land” – the place God gave them and prepared for them.

I believe that it is good for us to remember, also.  We should remember where we came from and where we are going (the place God has prepared for us) and also remember the journey along the way.  God has been faithful in our lives and it is good to remember that and to recite that to our children, grandchildren and others.
God is so faithful and so trustworthy!  We can depend on Him to get us to our “Promised Land” and also to be with us along the way.  May we always remember what He has done and is doing and pass that on to those He bring into our lives.

by Sue Lord

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