Psalm 127
Those of us that call Faith Bible Church our church home affirm that we trust in the sovereignty of God.  We sing about it and teach it from the Scriptures.  We can be heard in the hallways commenting on how everything’s going to be OK because, “He’s in complete control.”  Young people search for God’s Will pertaining to the university they will attend, the career they will pursue and their mate.  We trust Him in the good times and in the bad.  We trust Him in times of plenty and times of want.
Psalm 127 speaks of several activities that are fruitless unless the Lord decides to prosper them.  Solomon speaks of guarding a city, working hard, building a house and raising children. With these activities, he touches upon every area of life that consumes most of our attention and anxiety and says, “The Lord controls what occurs in each of these arenas...even gifting you with children if He so orders.”  Yet, we worry.  We worry about the mortgage, the children’s education, our job, the culture in which we live, etc.

How this week can you demonstrate your trust in the Lord’s sovereignty?  Where is the locus of your greatest worry....your children?...your occupation?...where the country is headed?  You will sleep much better when you walk in the truth that nothing occurs that your Heavenly Father did not cause or allow to touch your life!!  And who doesn’t want a good night’s sleep?

by Curt Krohn

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