Psalm 56's introduction says this song was written by David at the time he was alone in the hands of his Philistine enemies. The background story is told in I Samuel 21:10-15. It tells us the reason that David is in this predicament is that his life is also in grave danger in his homeland. There are a lot of Philistine and Israeli men after David.

Here we have a testimony of what a Godly man did when in fearful circumstances. He focuses on God and not his earthly enemies. David trusts that God is in charge of the circumstances and is true to His promises (v. 3,4,11 and 12). David knows that with God for him mere men cannot change God's plan for his life. God has taken care of David all of his life and through every trial and trouble (v.8). God had been with him and David trusted God would continue to be with him, resulting in courage. David's trust in God is shown in his praise of God and giving of thank offerings.

May we follow David's example when we face our own fearful and tearful situations. Focus on the Almighty God who has rescued and protected us so often in our past. Trust in His Promises and Presence. Demonstrate that trust by praising and thanking God and, as in v.13b, living in a worthy manner before others.

by Rick Hays, Deacon

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